27 elite junior golfers share their best advice to the next generation

October 17, 2019

How will you, or your kids, rise up the golfing ranks? It’s not easy, but it doesn’t hurt to ask a handful of golfers who are on their way there or there already.

In our Anonymous Junior Golfer Survey, we polled some of the best junior golfers in the country — boys and girls at four different locations — and collected their thoughts on their own games, the Rules of Golf, their favorite pros and so much more.

We also asked them for advice they would give young players who want to ascend to their level. Here’s what they had to say, so read up — because if they can make it this far, so can you or your own kids.

1. Don’t stress yourself out too much — try to relax.

2. Don’t let one bad shot ruin your day. It’s better to get a bogey on one hole than shoot in the 90s.

3. Never stop trying. You will get better if you put in the work and want it.

4. You have to love the game. You may not now, but when you find yourself living and thinking of golf, you will reach new highs.

5. Don’t do too much.

6. I know you want to get better, but please always enjoy the game first.

7. Just work hard and keep grinding.

8. How you play today isn’t gonna affect the long run — it’s all about building.

9. Golf is hard, everybody goes through stuff; don’t take it too seriously, keep it fun and enjoyable.

10. Practice hard and have a good attitude.

11. Never give up, work hard, and don’t complain.

12. It’s about how you carry yourself.

13. You have to keep your mental game sharp.

14. Have the strongest mental game in the field.

15. Work as hard as you can, but have fun — no pressure!

16. Keep your head on straight.

17. Be patient and work the hardest you can.

18. Never give up.

19. Be humble.

20. If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

21. Putt.

22. Keep having fun.

23. Control your emotions.

24. Work on all aspects of your game.

25. Relax.

26. Always keep your optimism.

27. Always have fun.