This recovery shot was so good I don’t even understand how it’s possible

October 10, 2019

Hitting a great golf shoot is awesome, obviously. But there’s no better feeling in golf then hitting a great golf shot right after a terrible shot. That’s what happened here — in pretty spectacular fashion.

The players’ ball came to rest up against a fence. And when we say up against a fence, we don’t mean sort of close to the fence. I mean, literally, up against the fence. So much so that the only way he could hit the shot was to climb over to the other side and play from there.

Because of the holes on the fence, he was actually able to make pretty solid contact with the ball. There’s no textbook on how to hit this shot, but it looks like he just took his normal swing and stopped right at impact, sending the ball low and running hot.

From there the ball bounced directly into a hill just short of the green, bounced up, and released down to a few feet from the hole.

A wonderful shot from truly bizarre circumstances.

Watch it in full below: