Lexi Thompson fights through back injury during Solheim Cup singles match

September 15, 2019

On a day when the U.S. came into the Solheim Cup’s singles session tied, needing a decisive team effort to secure its third-straight victory, one if its sztars wasn’t at her best.

Lexi Thompson, who halved two of her previous three matches so far in 2019, was fighting back spasms on the range ahead of her tee time. At one point, there were serious questions about whether she could play her final match against Georgia Hall at all.

Golf Channel’s Brentley Romine has the story:

Thompson’s agent, Bobby Kreusler, told Golf Channel that Thompson’s back was in “full spasm,” adding that Thompson wasn’t sure if she’d be able to play – or finish. Thompson was able to tee off in her 12:04 p.m. loca-time match, but caddie Benji Thompson had to tee the ball up for her.

Thompson didn’t look at her best throughout the day, hitting a few hard pulls, though her discomfort did seem to recede over the course of the round. Or at least there have been no obvious signs that her back is bugging her.

Thompson took a 2-up lead with a par on the par-3 6th but Hall has since come storming back, winning the 9th, 10th, 11th and 15th to completely swing the match.

The U.S. and Europe split the first two singles matches of the day. As of this writing, the teams were tied 8-8.