British Open 2019: Where is Royal Portrush Golf Club?

July 19, 2019

You’ve seen the scenic views and beautiful contours of Royal Portrush during the 2019 British Open. The terrain suits the requisite challenge for some of the world’s best golfers. Perhaps you’re even familiar with some of the history associated with the club and the country.

But, inquisitive minds might be wondering, where exactly is Royal Portrush Golf Club? There are lots of way to approach answering that.

It’s in Portrush (no surprise there), a city on the northern coast of Northern Ireland, in Country Antrim. Antrim is one of six counties that make up Northern Ireland. Portrush nudges the North Channel, which feeds into the North Sea. The city is just over an hour drive (60 miles northwest) of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s capital — which is just about an eight-hour flight from New York City. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, for those who might not have studied geography, and represents a small part of the island largely consumed by the Republic of Ireland, its southern contemporary.

View of the 15th green at Royal Portrush Golf Club, the site of this week's Open Championship.
Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Portrush was once a small fishing village before evolving into a seaside resort town, largely thanks to Royal Portrush’s emergence in the world of international golf. This week’s British Open represents one of the defining moments in the country’s history — and, most agree, the foremost moment in its sporting history. Northern Ireland has not hosted the Open since Portrush hosted the event in 1951.

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