Ian Poulter barely drives his Ferraris, treats them like ‘works of art’

July 4, 2019
ian poulter ferraris

When not playing golf, Ian Poulter loves collecting cars. One of his favorites to collect are Ferraris, but the 43-year-old Poults admitted that he barely drives his beautiful sports cars.

Poulter recently went on a tour of southern France with other Ferrari owners, and it was while describing the trip that he revealed how infrequently he drives his collection of Ferraris.

“[Poulter’s Ferrari] did very well, I have to say, for a car that’s 35 years old and only traveled 2,400 miles in the 35 years, I put 600 miles on the clock, so we’ve taken it to 3,000 miles. It did exceptionally well. It was nice,” Poulter said on Wednesday when asked about the trip through France during his press conference at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open.

“When you’ve got a passion for cars and you sit there looking at it, not really driving it over the five years I’ve had that car, it was nice to stretch its legs with some of its brothers and sisters, and enjoy kind of three, four days away with it was great,” Poulter continued.

Poulter knows that his sports cars are meant to be driven, but he likes to instead think of them as “works of art.”

“They are meant to be driven. They are obviously built to drive. But when you have an asset like that that’s appreciating, I think they are works of art,” Poulter said. “Other people don’t think they are works of art. I enjoy them for what they are. And when you do get the opportunity to drive them, it’s fantastic.”

“There’s a dual purpose and reason to having them,” Poulter further explained. “One obviously is to drive them, so when you do get that chance, yeah, it’s great. Especially on the roads that we drove, it was pretty special.”

What a nice luxury that must be to have a collection of Ferraris and barely drive them. Poulter might not have any major titles, but it’s far to say he’s living a pretty sweet life.

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