PGA Championship 2019: Brooks Koepka’s divots fly so well they tricked the shot tracer

May 18, 2019

FARMINGDALE, N.Y. — Brooks Koepka stands to break all kinds of records should he capture the PGA Championship for a second-consecutive year. With his second approach, he went one step further on Saturday at Bethpage Black.

Hitting his second shot into the 2nd hole on Saturday, Brooks took dead aim and flushed it straight at the pin. The shot ended up about two feet away, but the TopTracer technology told a vastly different story.

The commentators on the telecast alluded to it, but it appeared that Koepka’s divot flew so fast and far along the same initial trajectory that it actually interfered with the tracing technology. The tracer tracked the divot rather than the shot, basically, resulting in a funny moment for all involved.

Nothing can stand in Brooks’ way this week, not even TopTracer.