NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. is like every beginner golfer with Twitter plea for golf advice

May 10, 2019
Odell Beckham Jr. shared some swing videos on instagram and asked his fans for help

NFL star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is on a new team in a new city to start the year, and he’s picking up a new sport as well: golf.

The Cleveland Browns newest star player is just the latest big-name athlete to pick up the game. And like most people when they pick up a club for the first time, he’s struggling to get his game going. But he’s clearly not too proud to mine the recesses of his Twitter follows for golf advice.

On Thursday, OBJ made an open and desperate plea on Twitter for help with his game. Beckham Jr. says that he’s “a real rookie to this,” but gives himself some credit for his early talents, “for like my 5th or 6th ever I don’t think I’m too bad.” He closes it out with one of the most common questions asked by beginner golfers: which equipment should he get?

Beckham Jr. directed his followers to his Instagram page to analyze his swing. And upon first look, this is no joke: OBJ means business when it comes to improving his golf game.

He posted several videos of himself hitting balls on a driving range at night, opening with a simple message: “COACH ME UP!!!”

And he didn’t just share one or two swings. After a cursory accounting, it appears Beckham Jr. posted a whopping total of 26 swing clips to his Instagram story, featuring several different clubs. You can check out a few freeze frames of OBJ hitting driver below.

Odell Beckham Jr. shared some swing videos on instagram and asked his fans for help.

After watching him, it’s hard not to agree with Beckham Jr.’s own assessment that he’s pretty darn good for having just started playing the game. While he hit a few toe shanks and worm-burners, a bunch of his shots look decent, though he won’t be playing PGA Tour events any time soon like Tony Romo. I’ll leave it to our instruction expert Luke Kerr-Dineen to give a thorough diagnosis of his swing.

Head over to Beckham Jr.’s Instagram stories to check out the swings for yourself.

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