Masters 2019: All the things you can win at the Masters

April 12, 2019

The green jacket is the most prominent item that the winner of the Masters receives. It serves as a representation of one’s induction into an elite group of golfers who have won at Augusta National. Understandably, the green jacket gets all the love and attention.

But there’s a lot more that the winner of the Masters and others can receive for accomplishing certain feats at Augusta National. Here’s every award and trophy that you can win at the Masters and how you can claim them.


Masters Champion
Along with wearing the green jacket, every Masters champion is awarded three other honors. Every Masters champion’s name is engraved into the permanent Masters Trophy, which remains at Augusta National. The trophy depicts the clubhouse, which was first introduced in 1961, and it was made from over 900 separate pieces of silver. The trophy was made in England and rests on a pedestal.

Because he can’t take home the permanent trophy, the Masters champion is given a Sterling replica of it. The replica was first awarded to the champion in 1993. The Masters champion also receives a gold medal that features a view of the Founders Circle in front of the clubhouse.

A Sterling replica (left) of the Masters trophy was first awarded in 1993.
Courtesy of Augusta National

Masters Runner-Up
Along with the champion, the Masters runner-up also gets his name engraved into the permanent trophy in the clubhouse at Augusta National. The runner-up also gets a silver salver, as well as a 1.7 ounce silver medal that is the same size as the winner’s gold medallion. The silver medallion shows the Clubhouse from Founders Circle off Magnolia Lane. The silver medal was first awarded in 1951, while the silver salver was first given out in 1978.

The silver salver (right) that the runner-up of the Masters earns.
Courtesy of Augusta National

Low Amateur
It’s pretty awesome for an amateur to make the 36-hole cut at the Masters, and Augusts National agrees that it is an accomplishment worth celebrating. In 1952, the Masters began awarding the low amateur with the Silver Cup for making it to the third round of the tournament.

The Silver Cup awarded to the low amateur at the Masters.
Courtesy of The Masters

Individual achievements during the Masters
Since 1954, golfers can earn additional awards for individual achievements during the Masters. The Masters awards a trophy to the player with the lowest score in each round, as well as anytime a golfer sinks a hole-in-one, eagle, or double eagle.

The crystal bowl, upper right, is given to any player who makes a hole in one or a double eagle.
Courtesy of Augusta National