Masters 2019: Tiger Woods hits opening fairway, crowd goes nuts at Augusta

April 11, 2019
Tiger Woods Masters opening tee shot

It doesn’t take much from Tiger Woods to send golf fans into a frenzy, especially at the Masters. There’s no better proof of that what we saw transpire on the 1st hole at Augusta National.

Woods had an opening-round tee time of 11:04 a.m. ET on Thursday. Unsurprisingly, a huge crowd of Masters patrons massed around the 1st tee box, waiting for the four-time champ to start the first major of the year.

Despite being arguably the greatest golfer of all time, Woods has a tendency to let nerves get the best of him on opening tee shots at majors, leading to lots of wayward drives. Because of that, many spectators feared Tiger would hook his opening drive left into trouble, as he has done many times at Augusta National.

So when Tiger took a mighty swipe of his driver and sent his tee shot zooming down the middle of the fairway, the fans watching let out a mighty roar worthy of a major-winning birdie putt.

Check it out a clip of the moment below, although it cuts out the secondary cheer that erupted when his ball landed safely.

Woods terrific opening drive traveled 317 yards on the uphill 1st hole. The left him just over 130 yards into the green. He knocked it to 29 feet from there, and two-putted to start his 2019 Masters campaign with a par.

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