2019 Masters Live Coverage: Highlights from the first round at Augusta National

April 11, 2019

The long wait is over. The 2019 Masters is officially underway at Augusta National. You can follow the entire Masters first round with our Masters Live Coverage below, featuring live score updates, highlights from your favorite players, and video clips of the best shots.

The opening round officially kicks off at 8:30 a.m. ET, with  Andrew Landry, Adam Long and Corey Conners taking the first swings of the 2019 tournament.

Our Masters Live Coverage will kick into full gear when Tiger Woods begins his round. Woods is set to tee off at 11:04 a.m. ET on Thursday, alongside Haotong Li and Jon Rahm

Follow the entire Masters first round below.

Masters Live Coverage: Thursday’s First Round (ET)

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7:25: That’s a wrap, folks. Brooks pars 18 and he’s tied with Bryson for the Round 1 lead at six under. Mickelson is alone in third at five under. Poulter and Dustin Johnson are tied for fourth. Come back tomorrow and let’s do this again!

7:17: And that’s a five-under 67 for Phil Mickelson. He’s one behind Bryson and still have plenty of game at Augusta National.

7:10: Bryson DeChambeau gets in at six-under 66 and is your new clubhouse leader. Brooks finishing up now.

7:02: Jordan Spieth, trying to make it two in a row, leaves his birdie on 17 inches shy.

6:55: Having nearly made an ace on the 16th, Bryson DeChambeau then chipped in on 17 and now, on the 18th, rattles the flagstick. That will be a tap-in and a magical three hole stretch for Bryson will end with another birdie, bringing him into a tie with Koepka at minus 6.

6:48: Jordan Spieth, hanging touch despite his woes, finally makes his second birdie of the day. He cards a two on the 16th, getting him to plus-3 for the day.

6:46: Jason Day, who tweaked his back earlier in the day lifting his daughter, has been playing well but is moving now like a man in need of a chiropractor. He’s walking gingerly, and he just three-jacked the 17th to drop a shot. Koepka, meantime, made a par, ending his birdie streak at four.

6:41: Not to be outdone, Bryson DeChambeau, after a sloppy tee shot and an approach beyond the green, just chipped in for birdie. He’s at minus 5, one back.

6:40: An hour ago, we had a logjam at the top, but Koepka just stretched his lead. He has birdie four in a row and is two clear of DeChambeau and DJ

6:35: Koepak, playing from a testy spot on 15 that Tiger failed to negotiate earlier today, hits a beautiful pitch that rolls to inches. That will be another birdie. It will get him to 6-under.

6:32: Jordan Spieth, grinding away, is playing his third on the 15th now, having punched out from the trees. And his ball lands inches from the cup and skips toward the back of the green. He will have a monster putt for birdie from there. His only birdie today so far was on the second hole.

6:30: Koepka, from well right of the fairway, has a go at the green and flies it long and right. He’s in a similar spot to where Tiger was hours ago. That’s a tough up and down from there.

6:27: The Killer D’s, DeChambeau, Day and DJ, all make birdies on 16. That putts DJ at minus 4 with Bryson, and Day one behind them at minus 3.

6:22: And just to prove he’s human, Koepka misses the fairway right on 15. We’ll see whether he’ll be able to have a go at the green. Seems unlikely.

6:20: Fresh of birdie on 15, DeChambeau nearly makes an ace on 16. A high draw that finds the slope right of the pins and then rolls back to inches. He’ll be at minus-4. Back on the 15th tee, we have the contrast of Jordan Spieth, still struggling. His drive is a low hook that will be blocked out by the trees.

6:17: And DJ, who had no more than a 9-iron into the 15th, winds up with a par. And correction on DeChambeau: his birdie gets him to minus-3.

6:15: DeChambeau plays a long, languidly moving putt for eagle that just slides by the hole, leaving him three feet for a birdie that would get him to minus 4

6:10: DJ has opted for something lofted, looking like a high soft pitch here for his third at 15. It’s a big aggressive, as the ball runs well past the pin but checks up short of the water. He’ll have about 15 feet back up the hill for his birdie. A middling shot at best. DeChambeau will have a much easier go now, putting for eagle.

6:05: DeChambeau and DJ both smoked drives on 15. Bryson has 199 and plays a solid shot to pin high, about 25 feet for eagle. DJ has only 180, but he flies the green and will have to negotiate a pitch back up the slope to a green running away from him.

6:02: And Koepka curls it in! He’s now at minus-5, a two-shot lead, and making it look way too easy.

6:00: Koepka at the moment is looking like he’s looked in two of the last three majors: like a man who might never make another bogey. Spieth, on the other hand. . .Jordan misses his birdie putt on 14 and shakes his head. Koepka will now go.

5:58: Spieth, Koepka and Casey are all on 14. And Koepka once against has a good bid for birdie. Spieth is also going to have a bid for what would be just his second birdie of the day.

5:55; Up at the 15th, Koepka’s workout partner, DJ (or are they sparring partners now?) just launched a bazooka down the fairway. He’ll have an easy go at this par-five in two.

5:52: Kevin Kisner, a pea-shooter with an assassin’s spirit, has gotten it to minus 3 as well.

5:48: And Mr. Major, Brooks Koepka, is now your leader. He pours in a birdie on 13 to get to minus 4.

5:45: Now Koepka, putting for eagle, plays a big bender that he leaves about 4 feet above the cup. Not a gimme but not a long shot either. He could break the logjam at the top of seven players at minus 3.

5:41: Jordan Spieth escaped a prison of pines on his second shot and has laid up to a manageable distance for his third. He doesn’t like his contact, which sounded heavy, but it’s ok. Pin high, about 15 feet left of the cup. He’ll have that for birdie. But nothing about this round suggests that he has found anything.

5:39: At 13, Koepka is playing his second to the green, and it’s a solid shot. Back of the green with a long eagle putt back down the hill. He should be able to two-putt that to grab the solo lead at minus-4. But we’ll see.

5:35: And he makes it. He’s at minus 2, along with a bunch of guys, including his old pal, Tiger.

5:33: Phil’s chip on 13 is a beauty. A shortie awaits for birdie.

5:30: The last group of the day (Koepka, Spieth and Casey) are at 13. Koepka murders one up the right. Spieth hits one and says, “Dear Lord, Jordan. What are you doing?” Hard to say. But the result is clear. It is a wild drive right, well into the trees.

5:28: Mickelson, playing his second at 13, plays a similar shot that DJ played moments ago. Long left but a not-too-difficult chip from there.

5:26: If you like fire power, you’ll like the expanded group at the top of the leaderboard. DJ just got it to minus 3. And Koepka. And DeChambeau. Buckle up.

5:25: At the 13th, Jason Day just got up and own for birdie, getting to 1-under. And here comes Koepka–he birdies the 12th from just off the green. Now tied for the lead.

5:22: Matt Kuchar has it to 2-under through 14 as well, further bunching up the gathering at that number. No one is scorching the course today, but lots of solid rounds from some of our best-known names.

5:20: Brooks Koepka, at the 12th, shows that he has touch to go along with power. A nice shot straight over the pin. It’s just off the green but not a bad spot. He could putt but might opt to hip for his birdie.

5:18: Mickelson, playing the 13th, takes a big hack off the tee and blasts it up the right end of the fairway, past the trees and the pine straw and giving himself a look at the green.

5:16: The three D’s are on to the 13th now. Both Day and DeChambeau had to lay up but DJ has a mid-iron to the green, which he blows beyond the putting surface left. Not a terrible lie. A pitch back to the pin.

5:14: Playing with Spieth is Brooks Koepka, who has a long birdie putt at 11 that hits the hole but spins out. He’ll have a couple feet for his par to remain at 2 under. Phil, meantime, is putting for birdie at 12. And yes. That gets him off the mini bogey train. He’s back to one-under

5:06: A glance up the leader show a multinational coalition with an Aussia, a South African and an Aussie at minus-3. Many others just a shot back, including Tiger and Rickie Fowler.

5:05: The trio of Day, DeChambeau and DJ are going along nicely. DJ and DeChambeau are both 2 under through 12. But Spieth can’t find a fairway. He just chopped out of the trees on 11, playing a long approach that settles short left of the green.

5:01: As for Mickelson, he’s about to back up his bogey at 10 with another dropped shot at 11. He rinsed an approach, but just played a nice pitch across the pond for a very makable putt. That would give him a 5 and drop him back to even on the round.

5:00: Spieth’s struggles are maybe not surprising, given his poor form this year. But you wouldn’t have expected Justin Rose to be 4-over as he moves through his back nine.

4:59: Phil just bogeyed the 10th to drop to 1-under. He’ll come into Amen Corner with a nice round going, though. The wind is still churning around in complicated ways.

4:55: Over on 15, Ol’ Man Bernhard Langer just showed the youngsters a thing or two with a wizardly pitch from behind the 15th. It comes within a whisker of dropping for birdie. He is 61-year-old and 1-under par.

4:52: And Spieth, playing his pitch long, will have a beefy putt for par. Augusta is not a friendly place when you’re searching for your swing.

4:50: His approach is another avert-your-eyes shot. He misses short right and will have a trying up-and-down to salvage a four.

4:48: Spieth is in some mud-tarnished turf well right of the fairway. He has a play at the green but he is really fighting it today, as he has been much of the year. This game can mess with the best of them.

4:44: Can Spieth hit refresh and get on the homeward coming side? His drive on 10 is way right. Not a good start to the second half of his round. Koepka, meanwhile, is powering stoically on. He’s at 1-under and in the fairway at 10, after smoking a 3-wood and catching the speed slot.

4:41: Spieth, who opened the day with a bogey and doubled the 6th, wraps up his first side at 4-over. That’s seven behind the pace by Rahm, Scott and others.

4:38: Way too early to start fantasizing, but anyone for a Phil/Tiger pairing late in the day on Sunday? They’re both at 2-under right now, though Phil is half-way through his first round and Tiger is done.

4:32: And things just got even less fun for Jordan Spieth, whose third shot, a chip from below the green on 9, dies short and rolls back to him. He plays again, better this time, and will now have a putt for bogey.

4:31: Mickelson and Spieth share a trait: long conversations with caddies. Spieth is talking over his approach now with Michael Geller on the 9th. When he finally swings, his ball lands pin high but then spins back and down the front slope. All the way back into the fairway. If you think he’s unhappy, talk to his playing partner Paul Casey, who is 5-over right now.

4:30: In other news, a little-known Masters contender named Phil Mickelson has it to 2-under through nine.  Playing just behind him is Jordan Spieth, who is plus 3 through 8. Brooks Koepka, who somehow didn’t grab much attention coming in, is in Spieth’s group. He’s 1-under.

4:26: Rahm is in for his par. He’s your co-leader in the clubhouse. And now Tiger, with about three feet. The kind of putt you would have simply given him years ago. Nowadays, you make him putt it. And he makes it. A solid 2-under opener for Woods.

4:23: Tiger’s putt drifts off just left, leaving him with a shortie for par. If he and Rahm both make, one shot will separate them. Good showings for both.

4:22: Rahm, who came up short on his approach at 18, just played a tasty pitch to about 4 feet below the cup. He should be able to save his par from there. Tiger is pacing off his birdie putt. A long range bomb across the back of the green.

4:20: On the 10th tee, DJ smacks his tee shot and a patron (see: I’m using proper lingo) calls out, “Right down the middle, baby!” Nope. It’s well right of the fairway.

4:16: Tiger’s approach on 18 is in flight, and it’s a good play. Right of the pin, just on the collar, but hole high. He’ll have a long putt for par that would get him in at 2-under for Thursday, one shot off the lead. Back on 9, some interesting chatter between Bryson DeChambeau and his caddie. Bryson missed his tee shot left, and wound up with bogey. Didn’t seem to like the line his caddie proposed off the tee.

4:10: Rickie Fowler has it to 2-under. 34 career majors in. Could this be the week? Tiger is on 18 tee now, trying to cut it off the bunkers. But the ball does not bend back enough, and he’ll play his approach to 18 from the sand.

4:08: Tiger, facing about 8 feet for par, shoves it right. That’s a bogey. He drops to 2-under, one of the lead.

4:06: As Tiger scrambles, Rahm gets ready for his birdie putt. Uphill, breaking to his right. And .  . . . .it’s right on line but a few inches short. Par. Muy facil, este juego.

4:03: Tiger’s pitch on 17 comes up well short, and he’ll have to turn to his putter to save him. Or at least to save his par. Earlier, we mentioned the questions surrounding Jordan Spieth. So far, the answers are not looking too optimistic. He’s 3-over and he’s still playing the front side.

3:59: Tiger’s tee ball on 17 settled on some very bare turf in the trees to the right. He’s got a swing and path forward, but he’ll have to shape it if he wants to catch the green. He plays a big hold-on cu, and it’s a good leave, just short left of the green. He’ll have a pitch from the there up and across the green to a back-right pin.

3:55: DJ has a long bid for eagle on 8 that would vault him into a tie for the lead. And he hits it with good weight but he misread that. It strays about 5 feet wide left. Hmmm. We’ll get back to Tiger at 17 in a minute. He’s in the trees right; unclear whether he’ll be able to have a go at the green.

3:52: It’s crowded atop the leaderboard, with six players at 3-under. Patton Kizzire is one of them. You had him in your office pool, right? Gary Woodland is another. As Tiger plays his tee shot on 17. He’s got three-wood. He came out of that one, and he misses right. No bueno.

3:50: With both his partners in for par on 16, Tiger takes his turn and leaves his birdie just a fraction short. Easy par. Still 3-under.

3:46: Rahm has a frightening downhill putt on 16 that runs about 5 feet past. Tiger will go now for birdie.

3:42: Woods finds the green, pin high left to a hole cut left on the 16th green. Former Masters champ Adam Scott has joined the cluster at 3-under. He’s in the clubhouse, tied for the lead.

3:39: Tiger and Rahm both make pars on 15 to remain co-leaders. On an unrelated note, how much fun is it to say “loblolly pines”?

3:37: Much pre-tournament hoopla surrounded Rory McIlroy, who needs a green jacket for the career grand slam. He bogeyed the opening hole, and now, several hours later, remains 1-over. He’s playing 15.

3:35: And Tiger’s fourth shot, a delicate chip, is nicely played. His ball rolls out just below the hole. He’ll have a little more than two feet coming back up the hill for his par.

3:32: Tiger is chewing up as he walks off the shot. Two tasks at once. But now he moves back to his ball and is ready to play. It’s a defensive shot, and he leaves it short. He’ll have another pitch, and it’s still slippery from here.

3:30: DJ, Day and DeChambeau. The three D’s all find the green on 7. A trio of birdie putts await.As for the action at 15, Rahm has wedged up just past the green with his third, and Tiger has a headache of a third shot from behind the green. Too long, and it’s wet.

3:26: And Tiger flushes it and immediately yells for the ball to get down. It doesn’t. His ball rolls long right, and he’ll have a testy pitch back up toward the green for his third. Tiger=unhappy.

3:25: Over on the 15th hole, Rahm missed left with his drive and pondering his second. He’s got a lofted club so likely just trying to sort out his layup distance. Tiger, on the other hand, will be able to go for it. He’s got 229 left.

3:23: Dustin Johnson is going along nicely at 1-under. Same score as Bryson DeChambeau, who is playing with him. They’re at 7, a tough driving hole where they have both found the fairway. Jason Day is the third in that group. He’s at even-par.

3:20: We have a four-way tie for the lead, with lots of golf to play. Tiger and Jon Rahm are the marquee names atop. But Patton Kizzire and Masters rookie Justin Harding are there, too. Lucky us: lots and lots of golf to play.


3:18: Tiger on the tee at 15. He’s driven it well today. Asking for it to cut and it does. Fairway, though he may have some trees to negotiate on the left for his second.

3:14: It’s been some years since we’ve been able to say this but. . .Tiger Woods has a share of the lead at Augusta. A recovery from the trees on 14, followed by a no-doubt birdie putt. He’s 3 under, along with his playing partner, Rahm, who just missed his birdie on 14. On to the par-five 15th.

3:11: Our co-leader, Jon Rahm, was barking at himself on his approach to 14, but he winds up in a fine spot, just right of the pin. He’ll have a good look at birdie to take the solo lead at 4 under


3:07: Much speculation as to whether Jordan Spieth would find his form at his favorite venue. Still too early to tell. He’s even through three. Meantime, Tiger is not going under the limbs, he’s going over them, and it’s a peach. About 15 feet, hole high, to a pin cut on the back right.

3:05: Tiger has tree trouble on 14. Will likely have to play one underneath the limbs and hope to roll it on or close to the green.

3:02: The course has been rain-softened but the winds are swirling, giving players fits. Tony Finau is one who has been going along nicely, but he just dropped a shot on 17 to fall 1 under. Rahm and everybody’s pick, Masters rookie, Justin Harding, are tied for the lead at minus 3.

3:00: Hello, frenemies. New blogger taking over here. Have you heard? Tiger is two under through 13, one off the lead. But his tee shot on 14 has strayed wild left. His playing partner, Jon Rahm, is part of a tie for the lead.

2:48 p.m.: Tiger finds the back to the green on his second into 15. Everyone in that group (Rahm and Li included) have long eagle putts coming up.

2:39 p.m.: Tiger just pipes it on 13. Gonna have a good look for his second shot here.

2:32 p.m.: Rory starts his back nine with back-to-back bogeys and he’s two over.

2:30 p.m.: Par for Tiger on 12. Heading to the 13th tee.

2:19 p.m.: Uh oh, early bogey for Jordan Spieth on 1. Missed a two-footer for par. Yikes.

2:19 p.m.: Rahm in the bunker on 12. Tiger finds the back left fringe and will have 25 feet or so for birdie. Safe shot. Nothing wrong with that.

2:14 p.m.: Tiger runs his birdie putt past the hole on 11 then makes the comebacker for par. One under and two off the lead still headed to 12.

2:11 p.m.: Uh oh (tweet below).

2:06 p.m.: Everyone has officially teed off now. This afternoon is gonna be a ton of fun.

2:01 p.m.: Harding is the new leader in the clubhouse. In with a three-under 69. Lucas Bjerregaard and Kizzire also both at three under.

1:56 p.m.: Tiger makes par on 10. Two putts from above the hole. On to 11.

1:50 p.m.: Does Henrik Stenson’s caddie look familiar? You bet she does. Here’s the story.

1:45 p.m.: Rory McIlroy is a big favorite to win this week, obviously, and he’s even through eight holes. Two birdies and two bogeys.

1:41 p.m.: And here comes Patton Kizzire! He’s already three under after 8 and tied for the lead. Meanwhile we have about a million guys tied at two under.

1:34 p.m.: Woods finds the green after a good drive on 9 and rolls it in from 5 feet away. Birdie. He’s one under and heading to the back nine. Harding still leadds at 3 under.

1:23 p.m.: Woods misses an 11-footer for birdie on 8 and now drives in the left rough on 9. He’s still event. Missing putts of 5 feet and 4 feet, respectively, on 5 and 6 is hurting right now.

1:17 p.m.: Haotong Li nearly chips in for eagle on 8 alongside Tiger Woods. Meanwhile we have a new leader in Justin Harding, who birdied 15 and is at three under.

1:07 p.m.: Some big-time players starting their rounds soon. Kuchar teeing off now. Francesco Molinari at 1:16 p.m., Bubba, Day, Bryson, DJ, Phil, Rose, JT, Spieth, Koepka all in the next hour.

1:02 p.m.: After a bogey on the 18th for Connors, we are back to a five-way logjam lead at two under par: Harding, Fleetwood, Woodland and Kizzire. Tiger is in good position off the tee on the par-5 8th.

12:58 p.m.: Let me be the first to welcome Tommy Fleetwood to the first page of the leaderboard. The Englishman just birdied the 7th to join Gary Woodland and Patton Kizzire at two under par — T2 behind Connors.

12:53 p.m.: Tiger steadies the ship with a nice 8-foot putt for par — a solid up-and-down from the bunker. He’s still even on the day, and three shots back of Connors’s lead.

12:47 p.m.: Yikes. Tiger’s approach into the 7th was punctuated by a dropped club after his follow-through. He ends up in the left greenside bunker.

12:41 p.m.: Tiger lays back with a fairway wood on the par-4 7th and finds the short grass on the left side.

12:37 p.m.: Tiger hit a beauty to four feet on the par-3 6th but missed AGAIN. That makes two shorties in two holes. He won’t be happy with that. Meanwhile, Wise, Harding and Kizzire are the only players left at two under par at the moment, one shot behind Connors’s lead.

12:28 p.m.: Tiger is forced to bail out from the left, and he leaves it short of the green. He then hit a gorgeous third to about six feet but missed the par save. Back to even. Meanwhile, newly-minted PGA Tour champ and last-minute Masters invitee Corey Connors eagled the par-5 15th to take the solo lead at 3 under.

12:13 p.m.: Woods and his group now head to the fearsome 5th. The lengthened hole is already showing its teeth to the field, with 13 bogeys recorded today thus far. Woods got off to a poor start, losing his drive to the left. Hard to tell how bad it is.

12:06 p.m.: Wow! Jon Rahm drops a bomb on the par-3 4th to join the lead at 2-under.: Tiger’s putt is nearly on the same line but he misses on the high side and settles for a tap-in bogey. After an eagle on the par-5 2nd, Patton Kizzire is also 2 under, making it party of five at the top of the leaderboard.

12:00 p.m.: Tiger is on in regulation at the par-3 4th hole. He has about 25 feet left for birdie.

11:55 a.m.: Tiger hit his chip to about four feet and made the putt for a nice up-and-down par. He’s still one back of a now four-way tie at the top: Aaron Wise has joined the mix, along with Harding, Oosthuizen and Woods’s playing partner Haotong Li, who carded back-to-back birdies on Nos. 2 and 3.

11:48 a.m.: Tiger misses the third green left and will need a solid up-and-down to avoid dropping a shot.

11:41 a.m.: Another fairway for TW at the 350-yard par-3 3rd. Grace dopped a shot on the 7th hole, so the lead is now shared by three players at two under: Harding, Oosty and Schauffele.

11:36 a.m.: After hitting his second shot into the front right bunker, Tiger recovers with a shot to five feet, which he drains to get into the red. One under through two holes.

11:30 a.m.: We now have a four-way tie at the top, with Justin Harding, Louis Oosthuizen, Branden Grace and Xander Schauffele all at two under par.

11:26 a.m.: Hello, Branden Grace! The South African is on a roll, with three birdies in his last five holes to tie the lead at two under par.

11:21 a.m.: A two-putt par for Tiger on No.1. One hole in, two shots back. The Big Cat rips another drive on the par-5 2nd.

11:12 a.m.: Tiger is safely on the green in regulation, but not as close to the hole as he’d like. He’ll have a lengthy 25-footer left for birdie. Meanwhile, Harding is still leading the charge at two under par.

11:06 a.m.: Tiger Woods’s 2019 Masters has officially begun with a smoked drive on the opening hole.

10:55 a.m.: Tway’s birdie at the par-5 eighth hole vaults him back into the lead at 2-under alongside Harding and Grillo. Five golfers remain one shot back of the leaders at 1-under, including Henrik Stenson.

10:45 a.m.: Bjerregaard double bogeys the par-3 fourth to fall out of the lead, as Harding and Emiliano Grillo hold the lead at 2-under. Harding is the only golfer to be under par for his entire first round thus far. Four golfers remain one shot back of the leaders.

10:35 a.m.: Lucas Bjerregaard, who advanced to the semifinals of the WGC-Dell Match Play last month after knocking off Tiger, now has the sole lead at the Masters. After birdies on the second and third holes, he’s 2-under through three holes. Meanwhile, six golfers remain one shot back at 1-under.

10:24 a.m.: Tiger begins to warm up. He tees off at 11:04 a.m. alongside Jon Rahm and Haotong Li.

10:14 a.m.: What’s generating the most buzz at the Masters so far? A new feature on the Masters app that lets you track every shot from every player. Read more about how it works here.

10:04 a.m.: The first featured group of the day, which consists of Tony Finau, Henrik Stenson, and Sergio Garcia, has officially teed off at Augusta National.

9:39 a.m.: We have our first golfers under par for the week. Kevin Tway and Justin Harding notch the first birdies of the tournament to take the early lead at Augusta.

9:17 a.m.: If you’re wondering how to watch the first round of the Masters, here’s how you can.

9:03 a.m.: It’s early, but Valero Texas Open champion Corey Conners has the early lead at the Masters. And his wife had the perfect reaction to her husband’s early lead.

8:45 a.m.: Before the Masters officially begins, the ceremonial opening tee shots from Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player go off. Player actually outdrove the Golden Bear by 30 yards!

8:35 a.m.: Good morning golf fans! The first round of the 2019 Masters Tournament is officially underway.