Social 7: Palmer tributes, Pepperell’s nod to Nicklaus, a remarkable ace and more

March 11, 2019

Welcome to the Social 7, where Tim Reilly or Rachel Bleier of GOLF’s social media team will dive into the good, bad, crazy, insane, viral, hilarious — well, you get the picture — of the past week on social media.

1. What does Tyrell Hatton look for in a caddie? Honesty. Brutal honesty.

After hitting an errant shot at Bay Hill on Saturday, Hatton called on his looper for some candid feedback, and he received just that. While I can appreciate such a frank man on the bag, I would hate to hear what he would say about one of my shots…

2. No matter what score a golfer posts, all it takes is one good shot to keep us coming back for more. Such is the case for Paulina, who is remarkably consistent at posting 9s. The moral of the story is when you post an ace on a scorecard no one cares what surrounds it.

3. There were tributes abound for Arnold Palmer over the weekend at Bay Hill. Seemingly every player in the field was wearing some sort of nod to The King. Eddie Pepperell decided to take a different approach. Like, a polar opposite approach…

Pepperell showcased a pair of socks bearing Jack Nicklaus. Something tells me Arnie probably would’ve gotten a good laugh out of Eddie’s wardrobe choice.

4. Bryson DeChambeau is unquestionably golf’s mad scientist. Sometimes I think he uses certain verbiage to prevent any questioning to the method of his madness. Bubba Watson captured Bryson trying out an unorthodox swing at the range. What’s Bryson working on? I have no idea, and I’m not so sure his caddie did either. As long as Bryson keeps finishing atop leaderboards you say yes to any request – no matter how odd they might be – to earn a piece of those checks.

This is case and point to just that.

5. The thing I love most about golf is that everyone who plays can relate to it. It’s not that the average golfer can hit the ball like Brooks Koepka, it’s that we all can play the same game, on many of the same courses, years after other sports have passed us by. The best part? You don’t have to look like Koepka. The majority of a PGA Tour field is comprised of golfers that can be physically matched by viewers at home. As much as guys like Koepka give golfers newfound respect among other athletes, the likes of Tim “Lumpy” Herron are cult favorites that fans root for feeling they can compete at the highest level too.

This tweet reminded me of my favorite scene from Kingpin.

6. The most iconic drink in golf is an Arnold Palmer. This half ice tea, half lemonade concoction is a refreshing treat on a hot day. That got me thinking if a drink was named after you, what would be in it? I asked GOLF’s social followers.

Well, it sounds like you had a special relationship with your grandmother.

That order will leave a bartender scratching their head.

This is the start of Mango nectar’s resurgence.

Kool-aid? We’re going to need to see some ID…

7. We’ve all had a nightmare (or several hundred) on the greens before. No matter how easy a putt may look, the mental side of golf can make even a gimme feel impossible at times. Jeff Maggert just couldn’t get his ball to find its home on Saturday, taking five attempts from just a few feet away. I couldn’t stop watching this video…behind the hands I tried to cover my eyes with.