WATCH: Boston Red Sox player Mookie Betts talks through his chipping technique in between hits

March 8, 2019

Any time is a good time to work on your short game, right? And if you’re Boston Red Sox outfielder (and MLB MVP) Mookie Betts, that includes the middle of a game.

During Thursday’s spring training game that pitted Betts’s Boston Red Sox against the Minnesota Twins, Betts was mic’d in the outfield, and just happened to be explaining his chipping technique — while on the lookout for potential hits to field, of course.

“I’ve been working on my chips,” Betts says, getting into golf posture with his glove. “You know, you’re supposed to put [the ball] in the back of your stance, well, I had it towards the front because I’m thinking, I want to flop it, hit it soft, we’re in Florida, it’s gonna roll out. Well, that didn’t work.”

Betts then shares muses on the potential confusion one encounters when deciding to play a chip off the back or front foot before a ball comes his way and he has to rush to duty.

“Dang it!” You can hear Betts say as he sprints to field the ball.


As soon as Betts throws the ball to his third baseman (the runner was safe), he returns to his chipping technique explanation.

“But yeah, weight on the front foot,” Betts says, somewhat breathlessly. “Nice little turn, chip, and the finish,” he concludes, miming his swing.

Pro baseball players: They’re just like us!

You can watch the whole scene unfold below.