Golfer responds to cheating accusation by head-butting fellow golfer through window

March 4, 2019
Things got pretty heated after the club championship at one South African country club.

Golfers don’t typically respond well to be called cheaters. Witness this shocking video from a South African golf club, where a cheating accusation, apparently at a club championship, resulted in a full-blown bar fight.

The location is the 19th hole at Benoni Country Club in the suburbs east of Johannesburg, where a bunch of golfers were hanging around the bar, socializing. A golfer in a white shirt turns around and begins shouting at a fellow golfer across the bar, “You’re a thief, man!” The first man then calls the other guy a “cheat.”

At this point, the bar turns into a scene from a Chuck Norris film. The accused man, who goes by Mike, approaches his accuser and slams him into a window with a ferocious head-butt, breaking the glass.

But Mike was just getting started. He then smacks the guy on the top of the head and puts him in a headlock before punching him three times. Bystanders eventually step in to break up the fight.

Here’s how it all unfolded. Warning: the video contains violence and explicit language.