Social 7: Drop dilemma, a petition for Choi, Bryson putts with the pin in and more

January 7, 2019
Is Hosung Choi on his way to the Phoenix Open?

Welcome to the Social 7, where Tim Reilly or Rachel Bleier of GOLF’s social media team will dive into the good, bad, crazy, insane, viral, hilarious — well, you get the picture — of the past week on social media.

1. January is here and for most of the northern hemisphere, golf season is all but non-existent. Temperatures are low, snow is falling, and the ground is frozen. When the snow is clear and a glimmer of sunlight appears, a true golfer does whatever it takes to get a round in, and that’s exactly what one die-hard in Chicago did by bringing a hammer with him to the course. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

2. The Tournament of Champions gave us our first look at the new rules in action. When the first knee-height drop made its appearance, it didn’t disappoint. I have a strong feeling social media will be buzzing with each new drop as we learn what technique everyone will be using. I give this opening drop form a C.

3. Speaking of drop technique, Tee-k Kelly took to the range to work on his game. This is the kind of grind that can separate you from the pack. Good on Kelly for getting ahead of this before finding himself in this situation in tournament play. Big fan of the between the legs drop, although I could see plenty of stuffy viewers filing an FCC complaint immediately should that one make it onto a broadcast.

4. Speaking of rules, Bryson DeChambeau is officially the poster boy of pin-in putting. The results are strong early on and there isn’t much of an argument to be made against his decision – yet. Time will tell if this will last. What will last is the craze Bryson causes with each and every putt he takes with the flagstick in. Naysayers are foaming at the mouth for a Bryson putt to bounce off the stick in a crucial situation. That’s when the fun will really begin on social for Bryson’s mentions.

5. Hosung Choi is the people’s golfer and the people are now trying to get him into the field at the people’s tournament. A petition started making its rounds for Choi to receive an exemption into the Phoenix Waste Management Open. The only thing I don’t like about this idea is that I didn’t come up with it first. Choi on the 16th hole at The Stadium Course would be ELECTRIC. Help make it happen!

6. If you’re looking for a good follow on Twitter, look no further than Eddie Pepperell. He’s one of the few pro golfers that doesn’t hold back on social media. We’re slightly past the holidays, but Eddie received the best gift of the season this week. With his father by his side, Eddie opened up his Masters invitation. Papa Pepperell might just dance all the way to Augusta National. Who knows what moves he will bust out if Eddie makes a run in April.

7. It’s going to take some time to truly understand some of these rules changes. Like Bryson leaving the pin in, many golfers are trying to figure out how they can use these changes to their advantage. Phil Jonas came up with his own strategy to coup with the double-hit rule change. Is this really legal?! I’ll leave that up to someone else to decide.

Nevertheless, I appreciate where Phil’s head’s at.