WATCH: Phil Mickelson wins $200,000 bet (by less than three feet!)

November 23, 2018
closest to the hole woods mickelson

Unquestionably one of the best parts of the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match was always going to be the challenges or side wagers made by the two legends. Woods and Mickelson were both set to put their own money up for these prop bets, making them all the more enticing.

Technically Woods won the first of the day when Mickelson didn’t make birdie on the first hole,  awarding $200,000 to Team Woods. Mickelson followed by taking the second of the day — worth $100,000 — on the par-3 5th hole. Both players made it rather clear they were interested in wagering challenges on the par 3s. When they reached the par-3 8th, Tiger upped the ante to $200,000. Unfortunately for him, his approach was less than stellar.

Woods’s shot flared out a touch right and finished 40’3″ from the hole. It never reached the crest of the ridge before the hole and rolled back down the slope. With the door wide open, Mickelson hit an almost identical approach….and lucked out.

Mickelson’s ball rolled out to 38 feet, nipping Tiger’s distance by the tiniest amount. It was well worth it to him, though — to the tune of a cool $200,000. These two are just getting started.