Big Shots: Boom It With One of These New Driver

November 17, 2015

Every golfer wants to take the ball deep off the tee. Fortunately, clubmakers continue to innovate in the pursuit of greater distance while enhancing adjustability options and maintaining acceptable forgiveness. Check out these three beauties — one of them might be your ticket to longer, straighter shots.

PXG 0811

If you want maximum adjustability and price is no object, the PXG 0811 might be up your (driving) alley. Sixteen removable screws — some made of heavy tungsten, others of lighter titanium — let you tune the club’s CG for your optimal flight. Options include moving the heavy weights back for a higher launch; near the face for lower flight with less spin; toward the toe for up to 12 yards of fade bias; or in the heel for the same amount of draw. The club comes in 9° or 10.5° with an adjustable hosel that can strengthen or weaken loft by up to 1.5°.

Mizuno JPX-EZ

Mizuno engineers faced a challenging mission: Craft a high-launch/low-spin driver that maxes out distance without surrendering forgiveness or adjustability. To pull it off, they started from scratch. The updated shape — longer from heel to toe and front to back — increases MOI. An expanded crown is also more flexible where it meets the face, generating greater rebound at impact and more distance on your drives. The weight port system has three receptacles but only one 10-gram insert. Where you place it — heel, toe or rear — affects direction up to 13 yards and spin up to 300 rpm. And the head has eight loft settings between 8.5° and 12.5°.

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Cobra King F6+

The F6+ cuts out more weight than past Cobras by combining a titanium body and face with a lightweight carbon-fiber crown. That savings gets relocated in an 18-gram sliding weight on the sole. You can use the weight to choose from five CG settings, which allows you to tune trajectory and spin. In addition, a low, deep CG contributes to the club’s forgiving nature. The King F6+ has an adjustable hosel, with eight loft positions between 9° and 12°.