Rory McIlroy’s Simple Answer on Donald Trump Drama: ‘I’m Not American’

March 2, 2016

DORAL, Fla. (AP) Rory McIlroy used three words to try to diffuse a question about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and how it affects a World Golf Championship played at a Trump-owned golf course.

”I’m not American,” McIlroy said as the room broke into laughter and some applause.

McIlroy, the 26-year-old from Northern Ireland, knows all about the distractions Trump can cause even when politics aren’t involved. A year ago, McIlroy slung his 3-iron into the water left of the eighth hole out of frustration. Trump hired divers to fish it out, and the practice range on Sunday morning at Trump National Doral became a sideshow when Trump presented the 3-iron to McIlroy.

Now it’s about politics. A local news reporter asked a 72-word question that McIlroy handled with ease. The reporter followed with more generic questions about whether the political ”shenanigans” would be a distraction.

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”He’s not going to be the leader of my country,” McIlroy said, drawing more laughs. ”Look, it really doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve been following it. I really thought I knew what politics were until I started to watch some of these presidential debates. I mean, not saying that the political system in Northern Ireland is too strong at the moment either. It is … it’s shocking.

”Look, I can’t vote,” he said. ”And if I were to vote, I’m not sure I would want to vote for any of the candidates.”

McIlroy’s primary residence is about 90 minutes north in Jupiter.