Watch the ball, not your stroke, to drain more putts

See below for a new way to roll pure putts.
Angus Murray

You may not know you do it, but most weekend players track the putter with their eyes as they swing back and through. “Monitoring” your stroke like this, even with your peripheral vision, makes it difficult to keep your head steady and your stroke on-target. Why? As your gaze shifts right and left, so does your putter. Instead, keep your eyes locked on the ball. A trick that helps: Focus on a single dimple, and stare at it as you make your stroke. Even after the ball is gone, keep looking straight down for a few counts. Steady eyes, steady head, steady stroke—and a lot more one-putts.


For on-target putts, keep your eyes on the ball. At home, make practice strokes with your forehead resting against a wall. This keeps you looking down through the hitting zone.

– Scott Munroe, Nantucket G.C., Siasconset, Mass.