Is your posture ruining your swing?

Is your posture ruining your swing?

Although golf instruction and golf fitness have come a long way, it still neglects what I believe to be the most important factor of all: posture type. Understanding what type of posture you own is the only way to understand what you’re capable of doing. Exacerbating the problem is golfers’ perception of posture. Most think of posture only as standing taller and pulling the shoulders back, but posture affects and moderates every physiologic condition in your body, including respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, musculoskeletal, and even hormones. As you guess, it has a lot to say about your swing pattern and shape.

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In this column I’ll introduce you to Forward Head Posture, which is one of the most common posture types among all individuals. Because of our predominantly sedentary lifestyle, we tend to bend forward and get out of our natural four-socket position where the joints of the body line up. Eventually, the powerful muscles in your hips get very tight and shorten, pulling your pelvis forward. The pull is so great that your upper body follows suit. You know this is you if you check your reflection in a mirror and see that your shoulders are rounded and your head is jutting forward.
Forward Posture doesn’t make you look very athletic, and it certainly affects your swing. The primary effect is that it doesn’t allow you to make a natural hip or shoulder coil. Because your muscles have a hard time contracting and expanding, your swing becomes nothing more than a series of compensations. Common swing faults that result from Forward Posture are hip slide, flat backswing, standing up through impact and “chicken-winging.”

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Although Forward Posture is easily remedied with a proper posture restoration program, a great way to start is with the Slant Board and Postursizer shown here. If you’re serious about getting back to your natural design, click here to receive a program that will get all your muscles working together.


Golf fitness pioneer Roger Fredericks has worked with more than 70 Tour players, including seven Hall of Famers. His DVD, “Roger Fredericks Reveals the Secrets of Golf Swing Flexibility” is the best-selling golf fitness DVD of all time.

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