Which putting method is best for you? Take this test

Putting Test


The full test takes one to two hours a day, depending on how quickly you putt, for two days. Each is a comparison of two of the five styles.

1. Set up a 10-putt fan test: Place one ball every three feet from three to 30 feet from the hole in a curved fan shape (above), which prevents putting over your footprints. This must be done in four different directions: left-to-right break (as shown), right-to-left break, uphill, and downhill. Do one dimension at a time.

2. Putt each fan of 10 balls twice with two putting styles (40 putts total) in this order on day one: Style 1, Style 2, then 2, 1. Record the number of putts holed in each 10-putt sequence. Repeat with the other styles, 2 vs. 3, 3 vs. 4, etc.

3. Mark 40-, 50-, and 60-foot putts with tees. Putt three balls with each putting style (1 vs. 2, etc.) from each.

For putts outside 30 feet, you should use the method with the lowest total leave distance. For shorter putts, use the one that wins the fan test. If you want to putt with only one style, use the one that wins the fan test, since most of your putts fall within this range (half of all putts occur inside six feet). But I strongly suggest you consider two styles, and, if necessary, two putters, if that's what the test proves works best for you.