Vijay’s driver off the deck


WHO: Vijay Singh
WHAT: 294-yard shot from the fairway with a driver
WHERE: 580-yard par-5 12th hole at the Bay Hill Club
WHEN: Final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational

WHY Singh’s decision to hit a driver off the deck-a disappearing art because today’s pros hit it so far-was a great choice. Singh practices the shot so he can get as close to the green as possible on long par-5s, even if it might get him in trouble. The aggressiveness works for him; last year he ranked third in par-5 scoring. At 12 he yanked his second shot behind a tree but pitched through the branches to 20 feet and sank the birdie putt.

MICHAEL’S TIP: Driver off the Deck? Choke Down, Open Up

Yes, the clubhead looks much larger than the ball when you’re hitting a driver off the fairway, but don’t be intimidated-that’s an advantage. Today’s bigger heads have lower centers of gravity, which makes it easier to get the ball in the air. Put the ball a little more forward than you would off the tee, choke down on the grip and try to keep the club face slightly open through impact.


“The Tour is killing golf. While other sports are creating more offense to spur interest, the Tour is making courses too darn hard.”

Michael Breed teaches at Sunningdale Country Club in Scarsdale, N.Y.

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