Video Lessons from GOLF Magazine's Play Like a Pro instruction book

Video Lessons from GOLF Magazine’s Play Like a Pro instruction book

GOLF Magazine's <em>Play Like A Pro</em>

Don't miss Play Like a Pro, the latest addition to GOLF Magazine's popular series of improvement manuals. The book is available here [] or at your favorite bookstore. With it — and the bonus videos below — you can make the game easier by copying the best swing moves of the game's greatest players. Get Bubba's swing speed, Phil Mickelson's chip technique, Tiger's stinger and more with instruction from the Top 100 Teachers in America and the pros themselves. Don't just watch the stars. Play like them!

Section 1: Driving Skills
1. Bubba Watson: How I hit it 300 yards (p. 14)
2. A drill for more swing speed (p. 15)
3. Bubba Watson's swing in slow motion (p. 16)
4. How to max out your power potential (p. 17)
5. The power-drive address position
6. Graeme McDowell: How I split fairways (p. 22)
7. Three moves for an on-plane swing (p. 23)
8. Graeme McDowell's swing in slow motion (p. 24)
9. The accurate-drive address position (p. 27)
10. Dustin Johnson's swing in slow motion (p. 32)
11. A drill for pure contact (p. 33)
12. Hunter Mahan: My best driver-swing keys (p. 36)
13. Hunter Mahan's swing in slow motion (p. 38)
14. Revealed! The straight-drive secret (p.39)

Section 2: Approach-Shot Skills
15. A drill for pure iron strikes (p. 47)
16. Find your natural backswing (p. 51)
17. How to release your irons (p. 55)
18. Sergio Garcia: My iron secrets (p. 60)
19. Use your feet to catch it crisp (p. 61)
20. Sergio Garcia's swing in slow motion (p. 62)
21. The new way to square the clubface (p. 63)
22. Find the sweet spot more often (p. 65)
23. The pro way to escape fairway bunkers (p. 69)
24. A setup trick for clean fairway bunker strikes (p. 71)
25. How to power through thick rough (p. 75)
26. Learn the straight-shot finger grip (p. 77)

Section 3: Short Game and Putting
27. The can't-miss bunker blast (p. 85)
28. How to stop bunker shots on a dime (p. 87)
29. The best drill for your sand game (p. 89)
30. The new way to hit short-game shots (p. 93)
31. Charles Howell III: My secrets to the short game (p. 98)
32. An easy way to hit chip shots closer (p. 99)
33. Charles Howell III's pitch swing in slow motion (p. 100)
34. How to catch every chip crisp (p. 101)
35. How to stop pitches with spin (p. 107)
36. Stop, hop or roll your pitches (p. 108)
37. A drill for precise pitch shots (p. 109)
38. How to flop it like Phil Mickelson (p. 113)
39. How to chip from greenside rough (p. 114)
40. Never catch a chip fat again (p. 115)
41. How to see the perfect putting line (p. 119)
42. Brandt Snedeker's putting stroke in slow motion (p. 120)
43. A setup trick for smoother putts (p. 121)
44. The new way to choose the right line (p. 123)
45. How to roll lag putts closer (p. 129)
46. Roll it any distance, any time (p. 132)
47. Never miss a short putt again (p. 133)

Section 4: Full-Swing Essentials
48. Louis Oosthuizen's swing in slow motion (p. 142)
49. Ian Poulter: Copy my swing! (p. 146)
50. Drill: How to make a perfect backswing (p. 147)
51. Ian Poulter's swing in slow motion (p. 148)
52. Drill: How to add "snap" to your swing (p. 153)
53. Rickie Fowler's swing in slow motion (p. 154)
54. Add yards with a better transition (p. 155)
55. Rory McIlroy's swing in slow motion (p. 160)
56. The quick way to improve your ballstriking (p. 161)
57. Ernie Els: My three best moves (p. 164)
58. Ernie Els' swing in slow motion (p. 166)
59. The Tour way to create swing power (p. 171)
60. How to swing on plane from start to finish (p. 175)
61. Use Tiger's "toe power" for bigger hits (p. 181)
62. Tiger Woods' swing in slow motion (p. 182)
63. Hit straighter with a smoother release (p. 185)