Use your Head for Extra Yards

Keeping your head still blocks your upper body from turning as much as it can.
Angus Murray

The Problem

You drive the ball straight, but your distance is anemic.

The Solution

Move your left ear toward the ground during your backswing.

Why it works

When you try—as you’ve probably been told a thousand times—to keep your head still during your full swing, you restrict your ability to make a full turn and your distance potential drops. Swiveling your head, on the other hand, allows you to make a bigger shoulder turn, and that’s a quick way to hit longer tee shots. Watch Tiger Woods when he swings. As he takes the club back, he moves his chin from left to right so that his left ear is closer to the ground at the top. Jack Nicklaus did the same thing, although he swiveled his head before he began his backswing. The key to this move is to keep it natural—don’t jerk your head to the right in the backswing, just allow it to be carried along by the rest of your turning body.

Powered up!

Allowing your head to swivel with your body turn actually increases rotation and coil.