Use sunscreen to find the sweet spot

If you leave a mark in the center, leave the range and go play!
Angus Murray

This story is for you if …

• Your driving distance is wildly inconsistent

• You feel like you’re missing the sweet spot

• Your drives fly too high or you hit pop-ups

Check This!

Put a thin and even layer of sunscreen on your driver.* Check the clubface after you hit each ball — you’ll clearly see where on the clubface contact was made and learn a lot about your swing.


You’re standing too far away from the ball or playing the ball too far forward in your stance. If your ball position feels correct (that is, you’re not “reaching” for the ball), focus on swinging more from the inside-out (to the right of the target after impact).


If you like to swing slightly up on the ball, tee it so that half of the ball is above the crown. If you like to swing level through impact, tee the ball between the sweet spot and the crown. If you’re trying to swing down on the ball at impact, tee the ball in the middle the clubface.


You’re standing to close to the ball or playing it too far back in your stance. Also, make a steeper backswing until you start making center contact.

* It’s illegal to put foreign material on the clubface during play — this is a range-only practice drill.