The Un-Tiger Way to Make More Putts

The Un-Tiger Way to Make More Putts

Drawing alignment aids on your ball may seem like a good idea, but you'll make more putts if you draw a line with your eyes.
Schecter Lee


1. Your putts never travel on the line you intended.

2. You think marking your ball with a line will help.

The Fault

A lot of players these days, including some very notable PGA Tour players, have taken to marking their golf balls with different types of alignment aids. The most common is a straight line drawn down the seam of the ball (see photo), which is then aimed down the target line. There are other alignment techniques, but I don’t condone any of them. Focusing on a drawn line or a side stamp only distracts you from the real target line.

The Fix

Forget marker lines and use the best aiming tool you’ve got—your eyes. Not only to identify your line, but to draw that line from start to finish. You should feel as though your eye line is a track that your putter must follow. To ingrain this feeling, assume your address position with your putter soled directly under your peepers, then imagine a track and practice moving your putter back and forth without straying from it. Once you feel comfortable, place a ball down and try to re-create the same image and feel. Not only will this technique help you develop a more solid stroke, it should also alleviate a lot of tension and improve your distance control.

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