Two Mistakes Equal Sand Escapes

Use a weak grip to keep the face open and loft the ball out.
Angus Murray

The Problem
You struggle to get your ball out of greenside bunkers.

The Solution
“Hit” a weak slice for an easy sand escape.

How to do it
If you’re a slicer, you probably aim left of the target and turn your hands too far to the left (a “weak” position) when you take your grip. But these two mistakes can actually help you from the sand. Swinging along a line that forms a V with your target line (as opposed to being parallel to it), combined with the open clubface created by a weak grip, allows sand shots to fly high and land soft. A weak grip also limits your ability to release the club (a good thing in this case), and holding the face open through impact will keep the club from digging too deep into the sand.