Turn Up Your Power

Turn Up Your Power

BAD [left] Keep your hips still and you'll end up in a reverse pivot at the top. <br /> GOOD [right] Turn just enough so your left knee moves in front of the right.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

• You feel like you make a big turn, but you don’t hit the ball very far
• You hit a lot of weak slices
• You don’t know what coil is

The myth Limit your hip turn and increase your shoulder turn to produce more backswing coil and swing power.

Why it’s misleading It encourages you to keep your hips still and only turn your shoulders. You end up stranding weight on your left side and creating a reverse pivot (hello, slice!) at the top.

What to do instead While it’s important to keep from over-rotating your hips, it’s essential to turn them enough so you can create a balanced stance at the top of your backswing, with your weight over your right foot.

To find the correct amount of hip turn (somewhere between not enough and too much), begin your swing and stop when your club is parallel to the ground in your backswing. If a person directly behind you on your toe line can’t see your left knee pop out from behind your right knee, you haven’t turned your hips enough (make sure you keep both knees flexed like they were at address as you do this). The right amount of turn should allow the person behind you to see your left knee, and you should feel balanced, stable and in position to turn your right shoulder behind you to complete your backswing.

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