Toss Your Troubles Away on Long Bunker Shots

Toss Your Troubles Away on Long Bunker Shots


The Problem:
You struggle with distance control from bunkers when the hole is clear across the green. The ball either checks up way short, or you skull it way over the green trying to carry it to the hole.

The Fix:
You need a lower flying shot that will run. Instead of an open clubface and stance at address, set them both square to the target line.

Try to release the club just like you were hitting a draw—the toe of the club should point up as you follow through and the clubface will rotate closed. You’ll put less spin on the ball and cause it to run once it hits the green.

The Drill:
Next time you’re in a practice bunker, pick up a handful of sand with your right hand and hold it in front of you in the “address” position. Now throw it over your left shoulder.

This is the action your right hand should make after impact, because it closes the clubface to create the lower trajectory. Use this thought and you’ll have a new shot to save par.

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