Tips From The Tour: Long Approach Shots

Tips From The Tour: Long Approach Shots

Luke Donald is one of the best iron and fairway wood players in the game. We asked the GOLF MAGAZINE Contributing Player for a few tips and here’s what he told us:

“Hitting high, soaring long irons and fairway woods is about keeping your lower body as still as possible and letting your arms do the swinging. Posture is critical. Topped fairway woods are almost always a result of bad posture. To maintain good posture, you want your butt out, your back straight and your left shoulder under your chin on the takeaway. To get the ball up in the air, I put the ball forward in my stance and tilt my right shoulder just a hair below my left. The butt of the club points at my left armpit.

To hit it high, you need to be nice and wide with your arc on the way down. Get too active with the legs and your swing narrows, and you hit it low. Hybrid clubs help–a lot. I recommend them for all skill levels. There’s no reason not to replace your 3-and 4-irons with hybrids. They’re easier to hit, and they go farther, higher and land softer.”

Category: Greens in regulaion from 200 yards or more (excluding par 3s)

Tour Rank Player % of greens hit
1. Luke Donald 61.6%
2. Chris Smith 57.8%
3. Kenny Perry 57.5%
4. Ernie Els 57.4%
45. Tiger Woods 43%
PGA Tour Average 43%

Read more tips from Luke Donald’s to help your swing, as well as your short game, but clicking here.

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