Three Club Adjustments for Perfect Distance

Three Club Adjustments for Perfect Distance



The distance of your approach shot is between two clubs—a full swing with one will send the ball too far, and a full swing with the other will leave you short.

The Play

First, never take the more lofted club—the shorter iron—because you never want to overswing. Always take the less lofted club and play the “2+2+2” low shot, which will slightly reduce your carry distance. The best part about the “2+2+2” is that it can be used with any club and requires zero changes to your tempo, swing length or technique.

How to hit it

The key is to make three 2-inch adjustments (2+2+2) at address. Each change works to remove loft from your clubface at impact so that your ball will come off the clubface on a lower and shorter trajectory. Take your normal address position, then add up the 2s.

2 Choke down about two inches on your grip. This will not only shorten your club and subtract yards from your swing, but it will also stiffen the shaft, which will help produce lower, more boring shots.

2 Open your stance two inches by flaring out your left foot. This squares your shoulders to your target line, shortens your backswing and gets your weight left—all keys to hitting the ball low.

2 Move the ball two inches back in your stance from where you’d normally play it with the chosen club. So if you usually play the ball in the center of your stance, move it two inches toward your right foot.