Stop Pulls and Slices

Stop Pulls and Slices


THE PROBLEM: Inconsistent contact, fluctuation between pulls and weak fades.

THE CAUSE: Your forearms and wrists release through impact independently of each other. Your club exits the hitting area either above or below your shoulder plane, so that by the time your hands reach shoulder height in the follow-through, the butt of your club points either inside or outside your target line.

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Through impact, good players rotate their forearms and wrists in unison. The result of this coordinated wrist and forearm movement is an on-plane exit of the club following impact, so that the shaft angle matches your shoulder angle in the follow-through.

HOW TO FEEL IT: Take your grip with any club, stretch your arms straight out in front of you, and rotate your wrists clockwise until the shaft lies parallel to the ground. Make sure both wrists are flat. Next, without moving your arms, rotate your forearms and wrists counterclockwise until the shaft again is parallel to the ground.

THE RIGHT WAY: Rotate your wrists and forearms as a single unit. It’s easy to do if you keep both wrists flat.

THE WRONG WAY: You can get the club from one side to the other by simply bowing your right wrist, but that throws your swing off-plane.

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