Stacy Lewis' 3 Swing Keys Revealed

Stacy Lewis’ 3 Swing Keys Revealed

In watching Stacy Lewis' swing in slow motion, there are three secrets that explain why such a tiny woman can hit the ball so far and so solid.


With a balanced set up, notice when she begins her club takeaway, her lower body stays extremely stable — it's almost as though the arms and shoulders are handling the first half of the backswing before her lower body gets pulled into action. It would appear as though everything arrives to the top of the backswing together — an important key because we want to rethink coming down together as well.



The downswing key that you will notice with Stacy and all good players is once the club goes backward and upward then it must come downward slightly before it goes forward. You can really see that she is using her left arm and left hand to bring the grip downward instead of ferociously pulling it toward the target, a habit many amateurs tend to fall into.



Instead, Stacy pulls it down to a position where she can then use her body, arms and club to swing through impact in one smooth motion. This leads to a balanced finish and seemingly effortless swing that has vaulted her to No. 1 in the world.


Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Joe Hallett is the Director of Instruction at the Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, Tenn.

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