Square the Face to Hit Straight, Solid Drives

Square the Face to Hit Straight, Solid Drives

What it is: Pre-swing drill

What it’s for: Straight solid drives

The principle you use to square the clubface at impact is the same as the one hockey players use to hit a slap shot. In hockey, the shooter’s hands are separated as he winds up.

Borrow that move while you’re waiting on the tee box to free up your hinging action and release. You’ll hit a more accurate drive when it’s your turn to play.

  • Stand on the side of a tee box and take your normal driver address, but to the side of the ball (photo at right).
  • Slide your right hand to the bottom of the grip so it is separated from your left hand.
  • Swing back and through, feeling how your left hand controls the top of the club and your right hand guides the clubhead. Re-create that feeling when you’re ready to hit.
  • GLENN DECK is director of instruction at the Pelican Hill Golf Academy in Newport Coast, Calif.

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