Solidify Your Putting Stance

March 7, 2010

This story is for you if…

1. You feel uncomfortable playing in wind.

2. You often get nervous or shaky when you putt.

The Situation
The wind is howling. It’s not only making full shots difficult to control, you’re actually feeling the effects on the green, too. It’s blowing just hard enough to make you feel unsteady in your putting stance.

The Solution
Spread your feet, take an extra-wide stance and play the ball between your heels. Choke down slightly on the handle, since the wider stance brings your upper body closer to the ground. These simple changes automatically lower your center of gravity, and the lower your center of gravity is, the less likely it is to be affected by the wind. It’s like you’re anchoring yourself to the ground. It’s also a good move to make when you’re facing a pressure putt, where nerves can cause you to shake a bit in your stance.