Solid Impact

Solid Impact

Impact is the critical point in your swing, especially on iron shots when solid contact is the difference between puring it and hitting it thin or fat. The following drill, a Ben Hogan favorite, will help keep your hands slightly ahead of the ball as your weight tranfers forward onto your left foot. This move is so fundamental that legend has it Hogan did it in hotel rooms when he felt his swing was wavering a bit.

•Use a 5-iron, place the ball 2 inches forward of center, and pose in your impact position. Your hands should be leading the clubhead into the ball.

•Hold that position for a few seconds, then shift your weight to your left leg and swing to the finish. You’ll push the ball along the ground for a few feet, or maybe even get it airborne a little bit.

•Repeat the drill five more times and then hit practice balls as normal. Make it your swing thought to re-create the impact position you rehearsed, and you’ll see your iron shots fly solid and true.

Bill Moretti is director of instruction for the Academy of Golf Dynamics at Lakeway Golf Club in Austin, Texas.