A Simple Way to Shape Shots

A Simple Way to Shape Shots

Tiger ends his swing with his hands above the clubhead and shaft on draw shots.
Angus Murray; David Walberg/SI (Inset)

Playing shots with a controlled curve to the right or left allows you to attack certain hole positions, flight the ball away from trouble and hold it into the wind (or let it ride the wind for extra distance). Here’s an easy way to fade or draw the ball without tinkering with your swing.


Keep your hands above the shaft Make a practice swing and think “high hands, low clubhead.” Rehearse this finish position and you’ll automatically guide your swing on a more inside-out plane that prompts you to make an aggressive release through impact in order to keep the clubhead below your hands. An inside path and full release of your hands are the telltale traits of a solid draw swing.


Keep your hands and shaft level Take your normal address position and make a practice swing. Finish with your hands and the shaft nearly level. It helps to think “low hands, high clubhead.” Rehearse this finish position and you’ll establish a swing that moves a bit across the line through impact, and that gives you the left-to-right cut spin you need to hit a fade.