Show-Off Shots: Hit Out of the Water Without Getting Penalized

July 6, 2016

Getting out of the water without incurring a penalty stroke is a must-know shot. Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs explains how to get out of the drink without getting out of sync.

Degree of difficulty: 9/10

When it’s useful: The ball is almost completely submerged in water, but you can’t afford a penalty stroke.

How to hit it: “The key is a steep, powerful swing,” says Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs. “Just make sure at least some of the ball is above the water before you try it.”

1. Check the Lie.

An important guideline: You want at least half the ball to be visible above the water line. Otherwise, this becomes a much tougher shot to pull off.

2. Create Leverage.

Players like to put on their rain gear prior to hitting this shot, but it’s more important to focus on your feet. Keep your shoes on—they might get wet, but a stable footing is critical. Take a wide stance to further promote balance, and select a gap or sand wedge. Your lob wedge has too much loft to penetrate the water.

3. Power Up.

Play it like a bunker blast: Splash what’s under the ball out of the hazard and the ball will follow. It takes an aggressive hit, so “pick up” the club on your backswing and make a hard, steep downswing. Splash! The ball will fly to safety. Hear that? It’s the sound of your playing partners’ applause.