Show-Off Shots: Hit From Below the Branches

May 21, 2016

This shot from the knees is definitely a tool to add to your show-off shot arsenal. Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs explains how to shorten your swing and make solid contact.

Degree of difficulty: 9/10

When it’s useful: When your ball is under the low branches of a tree.

How to hit it: “This one can be challenging,” says Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs, “but if you shorten your swing and simplify, you’ll make solid contact and your buddies will be wowed.”

1. Build a base

You need to maintain your balance through the shot if you want to make a good, clean strike. At setup, spread your knees fairly far apart—at least shoulder width. Try to use your feet to brace yourself, adding stability.

2. Choke down

Some trick-shot artists can hit full drivers from their knees without a problem. You? Just choke about halfway down the grip. The key here is solid contact, and to achieve that you must control the clubhead. Don’t get greedy.

3. Swing out-to-in

Unlike most shots, you want to come over the top a bit here and swing out-to-in. Due to the nature of the setup, you’ll have to swing almost entirely with your arms rather than your body, so the move should feel very up and down. Then whip the clubhead through impact with your hands, and you’ll be on the right track!