Rory's secret power move

Rory’s secret power move

McIlroy's hips are faster than any golfer ever measured at the Titleist Performance Institute.

The technology at the Titleist Performance Institute allows us to look at players’ swings in ways we couldn’t imagine even five years ago. Our motion-analysis system exposes details on body and club action that, along with other programs, have led to new theories on how to swing your irons and woods in the most efficient and powerful manner.

One such theory is the Kinematic Sequence. Computer analysis now tells us that the downswing is very much like a four-stage rocket. The lower body ignites first by rotating the hips. A split-second later the torso fires, followed by the arms and ultimately the clubhead. This 1-2-3-4 sequence of motion creates the perfect storm for maximum speed and energy.

We knew Rory was fast, but when we plugged him into our software at TPI we couldn’t believe our eyes. His downswing hip speed redlined at 719 degrees per second (we were accustomed to seeing speeds in the mid-500 range). His freakish—and that’s putting it lightly—lower-body action is the reason why, at 5’ 9” and 160 pounds, Rory can drive it past everyone but the very longest in the field. He turns his hips so fast at the start of his downswing that it stops everything else from moving until the last possible moment. At impact, his torso, arms and club have no option but to catch up, creating whiplike action and club speeds in excess of 117 mph. His Kinematic Sequence follows the same pattern as any other accomplished player, but it’s on steroids and unlike any the game has ever seen.

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