Roll & Lift to Pitch It Tight

Roll & Lift to Pitch It Tight

Rolling your right ankle and lifting your right heel through impact makes it easy to shift your weight forward and turn through the pitch.
Angus Murray

This story is for you if…

1. You often hit your pitch shots thin.

2. You never think about your footwork on pitch shots.

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One way to think of your pitch swing is that it’s a slightly bigger version of your chip swing — more arm swing, more wrist hinge and more body turn. The differences are pretty easy to spot, but what you might not recognize so easily is the footwork involved with both swings, which has a lot to do with how you shift your weight.

Once you complete your pitch backswing, roll your right ankle toward the target, then lift your right heel slightly off the ground. This subtle bit of downswing footwork gives you the correct amount of shift and turn you need to catch the ball crisp. It’s a good swing thought to bring to the course, and it also works for your chip swing. The only difference is that your ankle only rolls — it doesn’t lift — when you’re hitting a chip.