Quit coming over the top

Quit coming over the top

The shaft shows that after you come over the top the ball will go left.
D2 Productions

This story is for you if …
• You tend to hit a lot of pulls and pull slices
• You feel the clubhead cutting across the ball at impact.
• You know you’re supposed to swing inside-out, but can’t.

The problem
Your clubhead cuts across the ball from outside rather than approaching it from inside the target line.

How you know you’re doing it
Your typical bad miss is a weak slice, a pull slice or a straight pull.

Why you’re doing it
Your eyes and head are locked on the ball and the target line as you swing to the top. This causes you to swing directly down the target line from the top rather than from the inside, but to get it there you have to throw the club over your right shoulder.

The solution
It’s all in your head — turn it slightly to the right after you reach the top of your swing. This will put your eyes on the correct inside-to-out swing path, rather than directly on the target line. From this position, you’re much less likely to cut across the ball through impact. With minimal practice, those killer pulls and pull-slices will turn into
powerful draws.