A Quick Fix to Stop Slicing

January 18, 2016

No matter what club you have in your hand, you know what the result will be: a huge slice. Nothing seems to be able to fix it, and you’ve resorted to just aiming way left off the tee. Sound familiar? If so, we’ve got a tip for you. In just three photos, we’ll help fix the slice and end your banana ball woes.



No matter what club you swing, you get the same result: a big old slice.



Your control hand—the right—is out of position at the top. Blame old-school instruction. You’ve been told to bend your right elbow and hinge your right wrist at the end of your backswing, as though you were balancing a tray (below). That tip is an oldie but a baddie: It promotes an open clubface at impact, causing slices. Instead, feel as though your right palm is facing away from the target at the top, as if you were signaling someone to stop (above). Consider it a sign of the slice-free times.



The old “tray” tip makes it easy to open the face and slice.