To read greens better, think about a pizza slice. Yes, you read that correctly

September 21, 2019

Big breaking putts are hard to make — your speed has to be just right. But they’re easy to read, because the slope is right there in front of your eyes.

Straight putts are the opposite: easy to make but hard to judge. Subtle breaks loom everywhere. For greater clarity on these straight-ish rolls, try my “pizza slice” technique.

Imagine the area between your ball and the hole as a pizza slice.
Michael J. Le Brecht

1. Picture two strings on the green, running from the ball to both sides of the hole, forming a pizza slice.

2. Crouch down behind the ball and focus on the slice. Is it dipping to one side? If so, that’s the break you need to account for.

3. Trust me: Reading a piece of pizza is easier than looking for a line. Use actual strings in practice; over time the slice will appear more and more real. Now, about that other slice…

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