Mi Putting Template Review: A simple aid to improve your stroke

June 1, 2019

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the putterhead doesn’t move in a straight line during the stroke. It moves on a slight arc, the natural result of the puttershaft being situated at an angle at address. What does change during the stroke is the severity of that arc. That’s where renowned putting expert Phil Kenyon and his Mi Putting Template ($46) come into play.

The simple yet detailed device comes in four different curvatures: 12 , 15 , 18 and 21 degrees.

The 12-degree represents the shallowest arc; it’s for players who prefer more of a “straight back-straight through” motion.

The 21-degree sits on the other end of the spectrum: It’s for golfers who naturally want to putt on a more pronounced arc.

Each template comes with face lines specifically tailored for that curvature, so regardless of how much arc you build into your stroke, you can always practice keeping the putterface square. The Mi Putting Template provides a level of personalization that you seldom see in training aids, and it also provides an easy baseline for the additions you can make to each template.

The portability of the tool is another bonus: Simply unroll your favorite template and roll your way to better scores.