Private Lessons: Making Sure You Are Set Up Correctly

September 9, 2016

So you’re a senior player. You’ve lost some flexibility and power, but you still know how to score.


A lack of consistent iron-play can drive you bonkers.

You knock your approach close on one hole, only to miss the green by 25 yards on the next. You just can’t string together two good shots in a row.

What gives? Perhaps the biggest culprit when it comes to inconsistency is an erratic address position. Here’s a simple, reliable preshot routine to get your body and club in the proper alignment before every swing—and get your shots tracking right at the flag!


Stand up straight and place a club behind the base of your rear end, so that it’s gently touching the back of your thighs. Look straight ahead, and make sure your arms and spine are straight, too.


While holding the club in place, tilt forward from your hip joints until you feel your weight move onto the balls of your feet. Again, keep your arms and spine straight. At this point, your upper body should point toward one o’clock on an imaginary clockface.


While maintaining the same upright posture, bring the club around and sole the clubhead flat on the ground behind the ball. Your arms should hang down directly under your shoulders, your back should be straight (not hunched or rounded), and your weight should be distributed evenly over the balls of your feet.

Now grip the club and aim the clubface at your target. Finally, before you take the club back, pull in your abdominal muscles. This will help you maintain your forward spine tilt and more consistently reach a solid impact position.