Plane and Simple

Plane and Simple

Jim Hardy is one of golf’s most respected swing gurus, but his best-selling book and new DVD series, The Plane Truth for Golfers, will have you second guessing all of those “one size fits all” swing tips.

“The thrust of the book and DVD series are identical: There are two types of golf swings out there, One-Plane and Two-Plane, and until you figure out which one you employ, the reams of golf-instruction advice out there won’t help you a bit,” Hardy says.

“Both swings work. My goal is to help golfers discover which swing they’ve got. Only then can they make sense of all the seemingly contradictory swing information out there.

“Here’s an example: Stay behind the ball. We’ve all heard that one, and if you have a Two-Plane Swing – erect and upright – this is great advice. Staying behind helps shallow out your steep angle of approach. But for a One-Planer – who swings flatter and already comes at the ball from a shallow angle – staying behind the ball is disastrous advice. You’ll be hitting it fat and thin all day long.

“Here’s another one: Swing down the target line. Good for Two-Planers, totally inappropriate for One-Planers, whose swings must be more rounded. Don’t cast from the top? Not bad advice for a One-Planer. Terrible for a Two-Planer.”

It’s a puzzle, but Hardy’s book, and now the DVD series, are the decoder rings.

“I’ve sensed these disconnects for 35 years. Heck, I contributed to them – giving swing advice that flat-out failed when I had seen it succeed for others. This is the revelation of the Plane Truth. It educates golfers as to which swings they have, and helps them screen for only the instruction that applies to them.”

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