Pin position is everything when it comes to planning and executing an effective pitch shot. Here's how to attack a short pin, which requires the ball to quickly sit down, and a long pin, which will demand plenty of roll.

Stop your lofty pitches on a dime

The loft part is easy—your wedge has gaggles of it. What takes some effort is producing that electric shot-stopping spin

How to pull off the hop and stop pitch

Ever wonder how the pros get their pitches to take one or two bounces and stop dead a few feet from the hole? It's not magic — it's spin.


How to Swap Full Wedge Swings for Easy-to-Control Knockdowns

From 100 to 120 yards out, it’s tempting to grab a gap or pitching wedge and take a full swing. After all, the extra clubhead...

Knock It Closer with a Bump and Run

Take the low road to the hole from short range for easy up-and-downs. You might be comfy with your wedge, but this lowers scores.