Pick your Tee Spot Wisely

Pick your Tee Spot Wisely

One key to hitting fairways is knowing where to tee the ball. Most golfers instinctively stick their peg in the middle of the tee box, never thinking to move to the far right or left, which creates the largest landing area possible. Here are two points you should also consider when teeing it up:

    ANNIKA SORENSTAM Sam Greenwood

  1. Get close to steer clear. Start as close as possible to the worst trouble (out of bounds, trees, water) and aim away from it. On the hole pictured, there’s a large bunker on the left side of the fairway; by teeing near the left marker, as I’m doing here, I create the best angle to hit away from the bunker.

  2. Know your shot tendencies. If you normally draw the ball, tee up on the far left and aim at the right side of the fairway, as shown here. Even if you hit it dead straight, it’s still likely to finish on the short grass. Switch sides for a fade.

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