4 easy steps to get your sequence right and hit perfect chips

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Take a narrow stance with your front foot slightly flared and pulled back from the target line. Position the ball just inside your back foot and check that your chest is aligned with your toes. Open the clubface a few degrees and set your hands just ahead of your zipper, so the shaft leans forward.
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Swing the clubhead straight back and get the toe of your wedge to point at the sky. Time it so that your arms and club reach the end of your backswing at the same time (that's what the best wedge players do). When you do it right, you'll sense a slight pause in your transition.
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Now the secret sauce: As you start down (following the pause), let the club move first while keeping your legs passive. It should feel as though the club is falling in response to gravity. Once it falls, swing your arms smoothly past the ball while gently shifting your weight to your front foot.
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The club has released past my hands but the face is still open. This is the difference-maker, and the source of the shot-stopping spin that all players crave. The trick is to smoothly rotate your upper body in support of the movement of the club. When you do it right (club first, body second), the club will swing effortlessly with zero dig.