Try the “three-piece” backswing

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Set up to the ball as normal, making sure to shake out your arms and wrists before gripping the club (tension almost forces you into a one-piece takeaway). Here's another trick to ensure that you start back on plane: Bend over and let your arms hang freely before flexing your knees.
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Without moving anything else, hinge the club straight back with your wrists, keeping the back of your left hand flat.
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Swing your left arm back, keeping the connection between your left upper arm and your chest intact. Allow the momentum of your arm swing to turn your upper body. Stop when you left arm reaches parallel to the ground.
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Now you can turn your shoulders. And go big! See if you can get the middle of your back to point toward the target. Congrats-you're loaded, on plane and ready to unwind on the downswing.